applebone | Strategic management consultancy
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Strategic management consultancy

Many companies are looking for tailor-made solutions. Company managers are looking for optimizations, improvements, increased efficiency and ultimately the achievement of company goals. Only the right steps to identify the solutions basically come from the pain points in the company. Nevertheless, the triggers of the pain points are either unforeseeable and externally controlled or are caused unconsciously from within. Ultimately, symptoms that need to be treated appear, such as too much financial expenditure, slow throughput times in production, no acceptance in the market and other issues. Applebone specific procedures are available within the

Company-wide cost optimization

Reduction of strategic and tactical runtimes

time-to-market optimization

Increasing the efficiency of the product development processes

Internationalization or Off-Shore-Sourcing

Optimization of strategic supplier management

Strategic management consultancy 2

and offer methods for increasing the real active power (optimal costs, optimal resource management, …) and reducing the reactive power (hidden costs) in the company. Only a holistic business solution that covers all aspects of

Strategic management consultancy 1

Business and IT processes

Production processes and the necessary industrialization

Corporate structure & its internal and external interfaces and dependencies

The corresponding corporate and IT governance

And other internal and external factors

Optimization of strategic supplier management

is sustainably competitive. We support you in developing a strategic and holistic corporate orientation from selective visions.

See for yourself and talk to us about your pain points. We will deliver the solution that will inspire you. Your company goals will be reached faster and your customers will be more satisfied. Create clarity and transparency. With applebone