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About us

About us

Gathering experience is very difficult. I have understood what it means, to know a way and to walk it through.

Mr. Massood Salehi graduated in electrical engineering in the field of communications engineering from Aachen University of Technology RWTH. He started his career at a subsidiary of British Telekom “Viaginterkom” and quickly found his way to project and program management in GSM, GPRS and UMTS. After 14 years of telecommunication experience he left o2 Germany and started his new job as a department manager at arxes consulting GmbH and later expertplace consulting GmbH. He founded the company SuiGenerisData GmbH. He is now managing director of applebone GmbH .



We do everything legal and imaginable to realize our dreams and visions. We work hard on our concepts, approaches and ourselves to achieve our visions and goals. We believe in our values and dreams. We meet the needs of our clients, listen to them and talk to them about strategic, tactical and operational changes. We provide them with solutions and make recommendations. We are only successful if our customer is happy with us. We have set ourselves the task of being there for our customers. We are applebone.


Our objectives can be summarised as follows:


The following rules are generally observed:

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