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PRINCE2® Agile

Based on PRINCE2® Practitioner, PRINCE2 Agile™ turns rigid PRINCE2® constructs into dynamic product development by using of SCRUM tools. This is based on the proven basic principles, topics and processes of PRINCE2® Project Management method. It enables a   product development managed by PRINCE2®. Thus, an extended design in a project management organization is created.

The differences between projects and “Business as Usual” are clearly revealed and will be discussed extensively with you about the situations in which PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile™ and SCRUM can be used efficiently.

The methodology makes it clear how to keep the seven PRINCE2® processes dynamic. With the CYNEFIN approach, the complexity and uncertainty are identified in an agile project within the initiation phase. The “AGILOMETER” is used to evaluate how agile the project contents are. Both enable the responsible persons and decision makers to make important decisions when setting up the project.


The workshop is rounded off by a deeper discussion of how PRINCE2® management products should be adapted. There is a collection of interesting comments and tips for project managers who will be using Agile™ in PRINCE2®.

Practical exercise

In the workshop, you will work on the basis of a practical case scenario which will put you in the real project situation for a better understanding and to deepen PRINCE2 Agile™. Two sample exams will help you to detail the matter.

The workshop “PRINCE2 Agile™” answers the following questions:

Who is PRINCE2 Agile™ suitable for?

PRINCE2 Agile™ is suitable for:


After the workshop, you will receive an international certificate from PEAPLECERT, which we will organize for you easily with our partner ATO.

We guarantee you a lot of fun in our workshop and a lot of knowledge transfer in PRINCE2 Agile™ method. We will support you in successfully mastering this task. Talk to us and be successful. Through applebone.

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