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PRINCE2® 2017

PRINCE2® 2017

The ability of a company to implement changes effectively and efficiently is crucial for the future success of the company. The path from strategy to operational implementation leads always through projects.

The success of projects depends on an precise proceeding. A “hit-and-miss” approach carries too high risks, usually results in higher costs and poor quality, and resources are simply wasted.

An optimally adapted project management method such as PRINCE2® provides the controlled environment that allows management to reliably set up projects and delegate responsibility and authority. The PRINCE2® method also ensures that the required quality is delivered within a given time frame and budget. PRINCE2® can be adapted to any project size.

PRINCE2® 2017

Training is necessary to be able to use PRINCE2® successfully. The international certification model consists of two stages: The Foundation and Practitioner training. Both levels conclude with their own examination and the participants then each receive an internationally recognized certificate.

For whom is the workshop:

Requirements for the workshop:

We will be happy to take the exam through our accredited partner training organisation and an international certificate will be issued by PEAPLECERT upon successful completion. We offer you knowledge and fun at the same time. This creates a win-win situation. Call us and talk to us. We will be happy to advise you.

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