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Information can be considered as an important commodity in the professional as well as in the private environment. If we think of espionage, data theft, interception of private telephone calls and emails, we feel compelled to protect what belongs only to us. It has been shown that the risks in the area of information misuse advance with the progress of technology. This can be counteracted by obtaining specific information about the possible risks and by taking the right measures to reduce and avoid the occurrence of risks. The topic ISO27001 is thus rapidly increasing in the commercial sector in private companies but also in the public sector.

An information security management system (ISMS) is a continuous process. It is based on the PDCA model (Plan-Do-Check-Act) developed by Deming. With certification according to ISO27001 Foundation, you acquire the essential security objectives and develop a basic understanding of the risks that negatively affect corporate information.


The following aspects will be covered in the workshop:

Information and security

Threats and risks and risk management

Approaches and organization

Security measures (physical, technical and organisational)

Various cases of fraud and their effects

Legislation and regulation

By means of an exercise, the knowledge for a Foundation exam is deepened and the workshop is successfully completed with a valid certificate.