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From the publications of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), a framework called COBIT® has been emerged, which has convinced managers worldwide to use COBIT® to control IT and business processes. With the help of many stakeholders, the framework has evolved from this conviction into COBIT® 5.0, which inspires people with its comprehensive description of IT requirements and control instruments. COBIT® 5.0 offers exactly the tools needed to manage ITIL® in an IT organization using predefined goals, activities, measurement indicators and guidance paths. Normally, ITIL® and the implementation of ITIL® in the IT organization is not sufficient. IT and the ITIL® processes must be controlled by the clear requirements. With other words, COBIT® is exactly the interface between IT and its ITIL® processes and corporate management and business objectives.

COBIT® 5.0 delivers not only the processes, but also the management practices, i.e. the right process activities, the interfaces between each other, key performance indicators and their activities, which are necessary to achieve the business and IT goals. COBIT® 5.0 is a very good and an important addition to the ITIL® framework and thus makes clear demands on the ITIL® processes in order to be able to optimally control the business processes.

Learning objectives

– Knowledge of corporate and IT governance, its basic principles and implementation phases, maturity levels and communication within the company

– Knowledge of COBIT® 5.0 principles, processes and management practices


– Introduction to Corporate and IT Governance

– The principles of corporate governance

– Introduction to IT Governance and its domains

COBIT® 5.0 Business Framework

– COBIT® principles, basic terms, concepts and processes

– Stakeholder Management, Stakeholder Value and Analysis

– Control methods of Enterprise & IT Governance

– IT governance principles

– Introduction to legal requirements and IT compliance

– Introduction to Enterprise Architecture and its impact on business requirements

COBIT® 5.0 is a registered trademark of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association / IT Governance Institute (ISACA/ITGI)

COBIT® 5.0 Business Framework

– COBIT® 5.0 enablers as implementation factors for better control of IT processes and their characteristics

– Generic process and application controls

– The cascade control for a better implementation of the business objectives into the corresponding IT objectives and their processes and activities

– Practical exercises for a better understanding of cascade control

– The Maturity Model and the Process Capability Model for measuring process maturity levels with the corresponding maturity level dimensions and attributes Introduction into the entire COBIT® 5.0 process landscape

– COBIT® 5.0 Implementation Model Definition of IT Pain Points in an IT organization

– Driving events (sponsors) and their influence on the realisation of GEIT (Governance & Enterprise IT)

The certification is carried out with our partner ATO. You will receive an international certificate from PEAPLECERT.

For whom is the workshop suitable:

Project managers, project collaborators, team managers, technical personnel, executives, divisional managers, directors

Requirements for the workshop:

No prerequisites are necessary.

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