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Risk & Business Security Management

Many decision-makers are unaware of some risks and make decisions that endanger the company’s objectives. This in turn leads to the risky decisions delaying projects and increasing costs. This in turn can lead to the violation of regulations and compliance. Every SLA violation, violation of regulations and laws, wrong strategic decisions, cultural organizational and procedural misjudgements can ruin a company.

ISACA’s framework provides a concept, or rather a method, for managing risk. The two frameworks, RISK IT and BUSINESS MANAGEMENT FOR INFORMATION SECURITY, provide clear guidelines for dealing with threats and opportunities in a company. Our product is called RIBIS and is based on these frameworks. We analyse the risks and provide a concept for dealing with the risks. Then we set up a risk project and implement the defined measures.

Risk & Business Security Management 2
Sales manager giving advice application form document, considering mortgage loan offer for car and house insurance

Here, we build on the COBIT 5.0 framework and define all necessary control elements for managing risks. We analyze the necessary processes and define necessary activities with the critical success factors and KPIs to identify and evaluate risks, plan measures and implement them. We introduce a new communication mechanism for the awareness of risks in the company in the projects, in Business as Usual and among the employees of the company. In this way we create a new awareness of what risk means for the organization and how the right way to deal with risk should be.

We offer certified risk managers, who support you in small, medium but also business damaging risks and ensure the right management of risks. Contact us and we will provide you with a risk management concept, adapted as best practice for your company.