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Program Management

Program management as a strategic instrument

Many things change in a company due to external influences such as:

Changes in the management level

Mergers and synergies

Market and political changes

World economic crises.

Many things change in a company due to external influences such as:

Loss of sales due to increase competition

Increased hidden costs

Increased financial penalties for SLA violations

Wrong decisions in the strategic orientation.

These challenges lead to strategic programs being set up to achieve strategic change, to break new ground and to resist fast-moving market changes in order to ultimately make the right strategic decisions.

Wrong decisions can have a ruinous effect at the company level. As a result, some companies have to leave the active presence in the market. We help you to execute the programs in such a way that all aspects like

compliance with quality assurance (QA)

the visions and strategic concepts

the marketing and distribution

the planning and development

compliance with the quality management system (QMS)

the implementation and industrialisation

the execution of the rollout

the production and logistics & sales

What have to be taken into account. This is where the applebone experts come in, using their experience and methodology to offer the perfect solution to a strategic Change. Our program managers have led various programs for different clients and have gained a lot of experience in different industries.

Contact us and you will see how easy and pragmatic we can manage projects and programs in your company and contribute to the success of your business. We are the project and program experts. We are applebone.