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Process Management

Digital Process Mining

Because of the increasing complexity in the process landscape of companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to uncover process efficiency and cost saving potentials.

The classic process mining is a bottom-up analysis of existing processes, which allows to identify and implement new possibilities for improvement and increase of the maturity level.

Our process mining method enables you to implement continuous process monitoring of relevant KPIs in all areas of your company. We check the capability of the processes, work out a target with corresponding KGIs and develop a plan for implementation. What do we do in this context? Our audits can be summarized to these following points:

We create transparency and evaluate the quality of the processes

Visualization of the real ACTUAL process including all activities

Evaluation of the effectiveness and quality of the overall process

Plausibility check of standard deviations

We analyze the processes, their subprocesses and their activities on heart and kidney

``Drill down`` on subprocesses, loops and deviations

Localization of error patterns

Cause investigation of the identified error patterns

We identify and check the sources of error

Identification and grouping of error sources

Case specific quantification of process errors

Preparation of the Process Mining Analysis results

What are your advantages? These can be summarized to these following points:

Continuous monitoring of processes & KPIs

Monitor your processes and measure success in real-time


Identify compliance violations and unplanned actions

System use

Compare target models with actual processes


Discover bottlenecks & improve throughput times in the process landscape

We are looking forward to hear from you. We will sit down with you and develop a plan for process optimization. We create a concept, a project plan for implementation, a guideline for measuring the optimization and support you in evaluating the results.

We follow the best practice of ITIL®. We adopt the guideline and check the adaptation to the existing processes. In the developed plan, we propose methods to make the adjustment to the international guidelines. We prepare the business case for you and check the costs, risks, expected side effects, the quality to be achieved, the benefits to be achieved and the scope of resources to be used. Before doing this, we will check the business goals and their mapping to the IT goals. In this context, we will check the implementation factors – which are called the ENABLERS – and consider them in the plan to be submitted. We think end-to-end and implement end-to-end. That is our competence and our Profession.

Talk to us and let professional and certified applebone consultants advise you on what is the best for your company. We are delighted to support you. We are applebone.