applebone | Managed Services
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Managed Services

Managed Services

We take full responsibility for your IT. We ensure a smooth service.  We implement your services and ensure uninterrupted service usage. You can concentrate on your business strategy and your core competencies.

We offer you the following managed services:

CLOUD Computing


server management

Workplace Management

IT infrastructure

Data management and monitoring

Accessibility management

Efficient data management allows you to organize your company’s data efficiently and make it available to users in a way that optimizes your business processes.

The requirements for the availability of server systems are enormously high for many companies. A fail-safe and stable IT infrastructure is therefore becoming increasingly crucial.

In summary, our Managed Service product is the provision of personnel in your IT environment to ensure service availability at all times. We take over your IT so that you can concentrate on your core business. In doing this, we support you in achieving the goals of your company.

Lean back and relax and see how well your IT organization harmonizes together in the data center. With applebone.