applebone | Banking & Finance
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Banking & Finance

The focus of our business in Banking & Finance is the provision of a comprehensive service for trading systems, new business models, the optimization and implementation of efficient business processes, as well as the secure operation of your IT infrastructure and compliance. We support our customers in strategic decisions to optimize business opportunities and reduce operational risks.

We focus on the transformation to the sustainable finance industry.

The most important question is: How can financial institutions, asset managers and insurance companies, successfully manage the transformation? In this context, there are numerous questions that banks, asset managers and insurance companies, need to consider in relation to the following topics:

Realignment of the business and risk strategy in the business sector (e.g. trading)

Appropriate design of risk management including risk transparency

Liquidity risks, market risks, earnings risks, credit risks, capital risks, strategic risks, contract risks, process and organizational risks, operational and cyber risks

Trade processing and compliance

What systems, tools and support do traders have available or need to be provided to them when they may be forced to work outside the trading rooms, possibly from home?

Are these systems/tools available in an adequate manner?

What, if any, is the division of activities between bank, home office and emergency personnel?

How can the obligations resulting from MaRisk be taken into account with regard to the conclusion and settlement of trading transactions?

Trading infrastructure and payment transactions

What systems, tools and support do traders have available or need to be provided to them when they may be forced to work outside the trading rooms, possibly from home?

What effects would longer-term market conditions have on the individual positions (liquidity, market risk, return, etc.)?

Which systems, tools and support do employees in payment transactions have at their disposal or must be provided to them, if they are possibly forced to work outside the bank premises, or else from home?

How can close coordination with the external service providers often used for payment transactions be ensured? What contingency plans are in place in the event of failure of an external service provider?

Is it ensured that other applications linked to payment transactions are also functional (e.g. security systems against money laundering)?

Consideration of the specific uncertainties in the area of data protection

Portfolios and processes, customer-specific services

Trading market like real estate, stock exchange, Bitcoin, …

Home banking applications

Mobile Payment

Pricing of the services

Capital resources and allocation

Real estate investment

Customer credit design

In addition, prudential expectations of financial institutions to protect financial stability are becoming stricter and the transition towards, a sustainable and better economic system, is taking place. In our view, sustainability is a strategic differentiation factor.

Our experts develop architectural and holistic solutions based on the requirements of the financial institutions, concepts with a focus on security, compliance and data protection for an optimized performance of the financial systems. Our competence team is composed of different skills and with experience gained in the most well-known banks and on the stock exchange (e.g. on Wall Street in NYC). The applebone specialists in the financial sector offer integrated solutions for banks, insurance companies and investment management.

The breadth of our services and industry knowledge enables us to understand the individual requirements of our customers and to provide suitable solutions while maintaining compliance, data protection and security.

Talk to us and let us convince you of our concept. We are there for you and are delighted to support you. We are applebone.